How to use Niceicecooler

How to use the product

Instructions for use:

* Fill the mold with water to ½ inch / 1 cm. of the edge. Put the lid on top for a more equal base and a better mold maintenance.

* Freeze 24 hours, depending on your freezer setting.

* Allow frozen mold to stand for 30 minutes at room temperature

* Turn mold over and pour warm (not boiling) tapwater in the centre cavity.

* Discard water after 5 minutes and remove the mold. Repeat as needed.

* After removing the mold, put the Nice ice cooler on the bowl (on a dishstand) to collect the melting water. It will last about 6 hours at 70ºF/20ºC (with a candle inside about 4 hours). Place the bottle chilled in the Nice ice cooler.

Helpful Hints:

* For more transparent ice, use distilled water.

* To shorten the freezing time, set your freezer dial on the coldest setting.

* If the ice is rough or uneven when removing the mold from the freezer, pour a little hot water over the surface or fill the uneven part with water and place it another hour in the freezer .

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